15 things: You probably don’t know about ThomasMarkle!

Thomas Markle

With the scandal of Megan Markle’s father not making it to the royal wedding, many people are concerned about him and his actions. It’s important we know why. Understanding more about Thomas Markle can help us better understand the newest Royal Meghan Markle’s life.

Although Prince Harry and Megan Markle are set to head out to their honeymoon in Canada, it is very unlikely that Thomas Markle will be a big part of their lives in the near future.

From one perspective, we can see Thomas Markle shying away from the spotlight. In a way the entire Markle family was immediately thrust into media attention after the Royal engagement. Thomas Markle senior does have some experience in Hollywood but this kind of media attention is very different.

Meghan still regularly shares throwbacks photos of her father and time from growing up. She keeps in contact with her father but the fact that he was not at the wedding is concerning. In this article we are going to go through some of the top facts that you should know about Thomas Markle so that we can better understand why he did not attend the Royal wedding.

Thomas Markle is a bit of a recluse:

When he retired it was with the goal of living a secluded lifestyle. He lives in Rosarito Mexico and in a small beach front house that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Markle keeps most of his belongings in storage. He lives a very simple lifestyle a drives a Volvo at 70 as well as a red Ford escape.

Thomas Markle senior loves to chat about his family with his friends but often refuses to speak to the media or come to large media events. It seems any of his time in the spotlight is over in retirement.

Part of the reason why Thomas Markle has gone into hiding is with the idea of living a simple lifestyle. He doesn’t often talk about his family and wants to respect their privacy. It has been nearly impossible to get any type of statement out of him on the Royal wedding or his absence.

Thomas Markle has even gone far enough to change his number, conceal its address from listings online and more. The regularly changes phone numbers to avoid talking to the media and even his family. It’s not often that he will actually return phone calls and only a handful of his trusted friends or people that know his whereabouts.

Most of the time, statements on Thomas Markle actually come out from friends that urge him to speak further. It is very rare to get a statement out of him apart from with email.

He retired as a lighting director from a few famous shows:

Thomas Markle senior does have his own IMDB page from the professional services that he has completed over the years. Thomas was a lighting director as well as a cinematographer for a number of years and he worked on shows like the facts of life and married with children.

Tom Markle is the name that he was commonly credited with on the shows and perhaps one of his greatest credits to date was on the daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Thomas Markle’s daughter Meghan would regularly visit her father onset even when she was just in her teenage years. She basically grew up on the set of married with children and it was not unusual to see her still in her Catholic school uniform behind-the-scenes.

Meghan would regularly help out with craft services when certain scenes were being filmed due to their inappropriate nature. Thomas was very good about helping to teach her things on set.

In some ways, Meghan credits a lot of her experience in acting to her father. She has helped on set with lighting and more thanks to the time that she spent on sets in these early years.

Thomas Markle senior is an Emmy award winner:

During his time on General Hospital Thomas Markle took home two daytime Emmy awards for his work in lighting direction. The first time that he took home an award was in the year 1982 and then he was able to capture another Emmy award in the year 2011. He received seven other daytime Emmy nominations and a primetime Emmy nomination for production assistance when he worked on the 58th annual Academy Awards.

He has some distinctly impressive work as a lighting director and production assistance. As a successful Hollywood lighting director and assistant Thomas Markle has definitely earned enough to retire.

It’s estimated that his earnings on General Hospital were around $200,000 per year giving him a healthy salary to draw from including a pension.

He won the lottery in the year 1990:

Thomas Markle was a regular player of the lottery and using a series of numbers that he had, he managed to win a decent jackpot in 1990. His lottery win came out to $750,000 which he directly turned around and spent on Meghan. With his earnings he wanted to make sure that Meghan was able to go to the best schools to hone her acting craft and get the best training.

Meghan was able to attend the little red schoolhouse which was a private elementary school with the lottery cash, she was able to go to Northwestern University thanks to the lottery winnings as well. It’s likely that Thomas Markle burned through a lot of his winnings just to make sure that Meghan could rise to become the star that she is today.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2016:

Although Thomas Markle did make a good amount of money in his professional career, he still had to file for bankruptcy in the year 2016. Megan Markle’s father was supposedly carrying extensive debts in 2016 and over $30,000 US. He had trained his savings account to just a few hundred dollars and was involved in four main legal claims for over 20 years of unpaid tax bills. Although Thomas Markle’s finances are completely unclear the bankruptcy filing is confirmed.

This could also be part of the reason why he chose to move into an area where he could live very comfortably on less of a salary with his pension. It’s unlikely that Thomas Markle is in a bad way financially. His legal battles with money are likely still continuing and will continue for many years.

If he was involved in a lawsuit or case in the United States this could be part of his reason for staying in Mexico. He may also get into trouble if he was to travel for the Royal wedding with his pending court cases. It’s quite possible that Thomas Markle was unable to attend the Royal wedding for fear of creditors chasing him.

His previous bankruptcy charges and his financial difficulties could make things difficult on the family and Meghan. Everything will likely be fine with Thomas Markle as long as he stays in his home in Mexico.

He is originally from Pennsylvania:

Although he moved out to the West Coast, Thomas Markle was actually born and raised in Newport. Meghan considered this to be somewhat of a small and small minded town that was somewhat difficult to visit as a biracial child. With a population of just over 1500 people today this area of Pennsylvania is mostly known for its historical district, it bridges and the two main churches in the city.

He has never met Prince Harry:

Even though Prince Harry and Megan Markle have been formally married, Thomas Markle senior never got a chance to meet his son-in-law. Thomas Markle senior has never met the prince but they have talked over the phone a few times. Prince Harry has made several efforts to meet him but the timing has just never been right.

It seems as though Prince Harry did formally ask for Megan’s hand in marriage but to her mother instead. It was during the intake this games in Toronto that Harry asked permission to marry Megan Markle directly from her mother. He never actually extended this courtesy to her father in person but would eventually ask over the phone. Thomas Markle and his wife both gave their full permission for Meghan to marry into the Royal family.

A close friend of Thomas Markle suggested that the two have had many friendly conversations. She said that Thomas is delighted for the happy couple. Although the two are not particularly close they are now technically family. It will be interesting to see if Prince Harry will be meeting Thomas Markle senior in the near future.

They haven’t always had the best relationship:

In a video of an 18-year-old Megan Markle doing some clothes shopping, she suggested in the film that they were around 4 min. from her father’s house. She said that she didn’t want to go back because she and Thomas Markle were not on the best of terms.

At one time she was not even bothered to stop in and see if she had any mail. There have been several pieces of evidence that the relationship has been somewhat of a rocky one especially with Meghan involved in Hollywood at a young age. Now that she’s well-established and since she has landed her job on suits, the two became closer.

Thomas Markle would apparently call Meghan quite often while Suits was airing to go through some lighting cues and more with her. They talk quite often now even though they may not see each other that much.

Thomas Markle has been married and divorced two times:

His first marriage was to a woman named Rosalyn Loveless. The two had two kids together who are Meghan’s half-brother and half-sister. They met originally on PBS television channel 11. Their two kids are Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Junior.

Meghan’s half-brother and half-sister have been far from tight-lipped throughout the royal wedding and they’ve shared a number of details. Meghan’s sister even went so far as to suggest that Meghan has always been driven to be a princess and this is just accomplishing her goal.

The two have also accused Meghan of completely bankrupting their father and causing him to live in the state that he is in today. It seems as though this part of the family is especially estranged from Meghan and there may even be some tension between the siblings and their father as well.

After Thomas Markle split with his first wife he moved out to the West Coast. It wasn’t long before he actually met Doria Ragland, who was Meghan’s mom and began working on General Hospital.

It wasn’t until the late 1970s when the parents met with Ragland working as a temp at the studio and her father is a lighting director. They shared a love of antiques and clicked on set. They married in the year 1979 and divorced in the year 1988 at the time when Meghan was just six years old.

He tried to raise Meghan away from racial intolerance:

Meghan often went to schools that were made up of predominantly white children and Thomas never wanted her to feel different from being part of a biracial family.

One of Megan’s fondest memories was a time when she was seven years old looking for a box set of Barbie dolls. This set only came in white dolls and Thomas Markle went ahead and created his own set of the family including a mother that was black, a father that was white and kids of each color. He completely customize the family to suit their own and it is one of her favorite memories of growing up with her mother and father.

He had a health scare before the Royal wedding

Thomas Markle had planned on going to the Royal wedding it seems but had to back out at the last minute due to a personal moment. Kensington Palace released this statement after Thomas Markle had a heart attack. His coronary heart problems had been acting up a few days before the wedding and Prince Harry and Meghan respected his decision to stay home and work on his health.

Earlier reports from the Palace suggested that Thomas Markle was going to walk his daughter down the aisle. Some reports of the paparazzi throughout Mexico and the surrounding area suggested that Thomas Markle had actually been going to the gym, getting fitted for a new suit and even checking in on the latest Royal news.

This was all until Thomas Markle suffered a heart attack just six days before the Royal wedding and had to check himself in and then out of the hospital. He was originally going to fly but decided that he should stay home as he did not want to embarrass his daughter or the royal family on such an esteemed day.

He has been brushing up on his British history

During his preparations for the Royal wedding Thomas Markle was spotted in a Starbucks near his home reading through a book of images of Britain. It seemed as though Thomas was generally interested in a trip over to visit his daughter for the royal wedding and to do a bit of sightseeing along the way.

Knowing more about the royal family and taking an interest in British history is real product work that showed his true excitement for the Royal wedding.

Thomas Markle is credited for teaching Megan work ethic:

In a Father’s Day post from 2016 Megan shared her love for her father would have throwback picture of appreciation. She wanted to thank him for his help in teaching her proper work ethic, for showing her love of film through Busby Berkeley films and for passing down his level of club sandwiches. As she grew up on film sets Meghan Markle was likely heavily influenced by her father in acting.

The family has gone on record saying that she was truly a princess to Thomas Markle and he would spend an endless amount of time with her and teaching her things on set. By finding her education and consistently motivating her work ethic, Thomas Markle could be one of the biggest reasons that Jesus star today.

According to Meghan Markle, even in retirement Thomas would call her up with new ideas on Suits. He would regularly watch the show and give lighting tips to her over the phone. It seems as though his work ethic has never quit even if he is spending time relaxing in Mexico.

His other kids have struggled with the law:

Although Thomas Markle Senior has been involved in numerous court cases it seems as though his other children have also had some of their own issues.

Thomas Markle Junior actually sent a letter to Prince Harry urging him not to marry Meghan Markle. As her mother filed for bankruptcy in 2002 over a $52,000 credit card bill, her father struggled with debt and Thomas Markle Junior has been to jail, it seems as though the family is a bit rough around the edges. Meghan has not helped any of her family members out of debt in any way and it seems as though some of her siblings she is basically estranged from.

Thomas Markle’s other children have definitely struggled with the law in the past. Each of them have somewhat fought against the royal wedding in their own way. None of them have been particularly quiet about their upbringing with Megan or details on the royal wedding either.

Thomas Markle Junior is likely considered to be the black sheep of the family. Living in Oregon he worked as a laborer and cameraman at 50 years old. He too has been bankrupt and he faces a trial for gun charges. As a twice divorced individual he has two sons Thomas Markle the third and Tyler. Meghan apparently does not speak with Thomas Markle Junior and has been estranged from him for years. Even Thomas Markle Senior no longer returns calls from his son.

The holidays were tough with the family:

With four kids and two estranged wives, the idea of spending Christmas together or other holidays grew very difficult for Meghan Markle. While the family did get together quite often it was in a post last year when she attended Christmas with the royal family that she mentioned an absence in her life.

Meghan suggested that her Christmas with the royal family was like the holiday celebration that she never had. Although Thomas Markle definitely did share some wonderful holiday memories with his family and with Meghan, it’s extremely unlikely that he and his wife or the entire family would ever get together.

Meghan’s entire family lashed out at city she shared the message that she had been involved in the Christmas that she has always wanted. Although she got to spend many Christmases with her half-brother and half-sister and the family, her comment really hurt them.

Her challenges of being from a divorced family at six years old could have put a damper on many Christmases and holiday events. This statement that she provided really showed that the family was not much of a union and it was very likely that the time that she experienced with the royal family was very much closer to a traditional idea of Christmas.

Thomas Markle’s daughter Meghan may feel as though she is finally accepted into a traditional style family and this could be a source of comfort. Those words are bound to resonate with Thomas and his family even though they likely try to make the best of a bad situation.

As we can see, Thomas Markle senior is a truly complicated man who is likely trying his best to support his daughter. At 73 years of age, he is quite determined to stay hiding and not betray or embarrass Meghan. It will be interesting to see the role that he plays as a new in-law for the royal family.