17 things that prove Prince Harry and Meghan are Rebel Royals

Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan are definitely taking their own paths as Royals. These are two individuals that have always gone their own way when it comes to being in the spotlight. From what we’ve seen so far, they are going to be some new age royals.

In this article we are going to explore some of the top 17 things that make Prince Harry and Meghan such rebel royals:

Standing up for LGBT rights:

Both Prince Harry and Meghan suggested that LGBT issues are considered to be basic human rights. While a number of other royals have spoken out on this issue, not too many others have spoken out quite so passionately.

The royal family in general has not always been so supportive of same-sex marriage or same-sex rights. Currently 36 of the 53 Commonwealth member states prohibit same-sex activity. Meghan has gone on record addressing a number of youth activists. She suggests that there should be no inequality due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Prince Harry has also applauded the work of youth leaders and members of Parliament. He suggests that we wouldn’t be having the conversations that we are having today if not for the dedicated efforts of activists.

LGBT rights issues will likely be on the forefront of the work that both Prince Harry and Meghan do.

Prince Harry and Meghan kept their relationship very secret:

It is nearly impossible for members of the royal family to keep it secret. Prince Harry and Meghan did a remarkable job at limiting the time that they would spend out in public away from the media. They spent a lot of quality time together away from the public eye.

It was months into the relationship before it was made public. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2017 Meghan confirmed that they were together. She said that they were happy and that they were in love but it would be some time before they shared their story.

Through developing their relationship and working on it away from the public eye, they were able to create a dynamic between each other. This removed a lot of the pressure of being out in public and the scrutiny of the media.

Now the relationship is extremely strong but they have been making very careful appearances leading up to the royal wedding. This is somewhat of a departure from the traditional attention members of the royal family tend to get dating new partners.

Prince Harry and Meghan speaking out against the royal institution:

Prince Harry has been one of the only individuals that has spoken out against Royal institution. Prince Harry and Meghan even published a statement last November criticizing the British media.

He was extremely disappointed in the British media for the abuse and harassment that his future wife Meghan had faced. He called out to the media to pause and reflect before more damage was done.

Prince Harry strongly believes that he and his fiancée Meghan Markle would not be under the same type of scrutiny if they were not members of the royal family. He has always been more critical of the Royal institution than the rest of his family.

Prince Harry suggested that there was likely no member of the royal family that wants to be king or queen. He merely suggested that each member of the royal family carries out their duties at the right time.

Harry has not always done what was expected of him as a member of the royal family. He also has suggested that no one could likely fill the shoes of his grandmother in her job as monarch.

Prince Harry and Meghan working to plan the wedding with their own unique touch:

Prince Harry and Meghan have apparently been very hands-on when it comes to the process of planning their wedding. Meghan has worked to keep the number of royal traditions but wants to have her own unique touch on a royal wedding.

Meghan is still reporting that she would like to have her mother walk her down the aisle in front of all the guests. She worked to choose the wedding dress designer herself and helped with the décor.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan even went on to pick some of the performers for the wedding. Many of these actions generally take place with the help of a representative. The fact that Prince Harry and Meghan are involved with the planning process hands on, makes them very modern royals.

Their modern engagement photos:

The engagement photos that Prince Harry and Meghan chose are very different from anything we’ve ever seen before from a royal couple. The two used a magazine photographer and the same photographer that they plan on using for their wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan

The photos are a little bit sultry and they look absolutely stunning in them. In the engagement photos that they took, the couple is very intimate together and they look so very in love throughout. Through their modern engagement photos they proved just how well that they identify with each other and with modern brides and grooms.

Not inviting any politicians to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan:

There had been some rumors that ex-president Obama would attend the royal wedding. A scandal ensued however when the royal wedding invitations went out. Prince Harry and Meghan decided not to invite any politicians to the wedding.

The soon-to-wed royals did not even invite Prime Minister Theresa May and the United States president Donald Trump to the wedding. Kensington Palace and the government are okay with their decision and ultimately it up to Prince Harry and Meghan. This is very untraditional as many politicians normally get the invite to a wedding of this magnitude.

They are both known for their improvisation and public charm:

Meghan is great with participating with the crowd and with improvisation as an actor. Prince Harry and Meghan actually seem to really share this quality as Harry has always been known for doing the unexpected at events.

It’s not unusual to see him sitting amongst the crowd at a charity event or popping into the action at a sporting match. A charity event in 2012 in Jamaica Prince Harry surprised everybody by challenging Usain Bolt to a race. This was something that he did on the spot and it is what makes Prince Harry and Meghan such a fun couple to be around.

When an event is happening, they both like to turn the spotlight to the people and generate excitement. This can be particularly powerful for their advocacy causes. Just like his mother grabbing the hands of an aids patient in the 1980s, Prince Harry knows how to command public attention.

Bringing the public into the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan:

Around 100,000 people will be lining the streets of Windsor on the royal wedding day. It set to boost tourism across the city. Windsor is allowing for extra rail services and an open parking lot for the wedding.

Just over 2600 people will have opportunities to touch onto the grounds of Windsor Castle for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Many of these people will be members of the public including military veterans, charity representatives and more. This plan to invite the public is relatively revolutionary as a large number of weddings at such a prestigious venue have been very private.

This furthers the image of these two as being very modern royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan wedding putting Harry’s playboy past:

Harry’s playboy past definitely has him recognized as a rebel royal. Many reports of him engaging in risqué activities have emerged through the years. Harry has punch paparazzi, had nude photos leaked and more. His playboy past even includes hooking up with a fair amount of women over the years.

What’s even more surprising is the playboy past may even follow him to the wedding. A few of his ex-girlfriends are invited and on the guest list. Prince Harry has settled down since he met Meghan Markle but the bachelor party is coming up!

Evidence of his past throughout the media definitely shows that Prince Harry is someone that likes to party. As someone with a past like this, the media will be focusing on the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan and their relationship intensely.

Prince Harry taking on a dangerous job:

Prince Harry has never been one to shy away from danger or controversy. He is a trained soldier and he decided on his own to serve with the military. There was some controversy in 2007 when his deployment to Iraq was canceled.

Later in December of that year he actually was sent to Afghanistan in secret where he served a four-month tour until his presence became known publicly. In year 2012 he took a 20 week deployment in Afghanistan.

In both of these instances he was involved in regular missions as an active soldier. When talking to the media about his service he flew dozens of missions on his later tour. He admitted that he did find himself in combat with Taliban insurgents as well.

Members of the royal family don’t generally put themselves in harms way voluntarily in a modern sense. Prince Harry was willing to serve alongside members of the military and went on his last mission as an active soldier in June of 2015.

Although he has ended his Army career, he continues to regularly visit with veterans and serve veterans charities like the Invictus games.

Prince Harry and Meghan working as active advocates

Both Prince Harry and Meghan work as advocates and philanthropists. Meghan Markle is linked to a UN charity as well as a wide range of relief efforts. Prince Harry is linked to a number of children’s charities and veteran’s charities.

Meghan is also a feminist and she regularly shares her views and interviews. With two extremely passionate Royals, it’s not likely that they will shy away from issues. Prince Harry and Meghan are to royals that will answer plainly based on opinion.

Many royals are taught not to speak to the media or to give very safe answers. These are two royals that are very likely to answer the media quite plainly instead.

Prince Harry and Meghan having strong careers:

Meghan Markle is a self-made woman. She started as an actress and her young age and built a strong career. At the height of her acting career she was making over $50,000 per episode on Suits. Even with her extensive work and influence, Meghan Markle will be one of the least wealthy royals.

Prince Harry also has a strong career even though he has always had money. He’s always been involved with the military and has served in Afghanistan. Prince Harry has also always been passionate about lending a hand as a philanthropist. He’s worked with many charities in Africa and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Through their strong careers, both Prince Harry and Meghan are some of the most in touch royals. Prince Harry than does his own grocery shopping. These are the types of representatives for the royal family that can connect more closely with the British public.

Their age difference:

There is an age difference of three years between Prince Harry and Meghan. Meghan Markle is actually the older one in the relationship in this goes against some traditional relationship values within the royal family.

Meghan already has some experience with marriage from her first marriage to Trever Engelson. It seems as though some of the extra experience that Meghan has had could also work at calming down Prince Harry. He was known to be somewhat of a rebellious teenager and young man. It seems as though with some of her help however, he may start to focus in on family and his philanthropic causes.

Usually the age gap in royal family members is with the male being a bit older. In some cases there are even larger gaps between the two. Prince Charles married Diana who was 13 years younger than he was. Prince William also bucked the trend of tradition by marrying a woman one year older than he was.

Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan asking for donations over gifts:

At the upcoming wedding, the couple has opted for charitable donations over the idea of accepting gifts. In many cases, royal weddings prompt people to deliver very elaborate gifts. In asking for donations for their charity organizations instead, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely raise a large amount of money with their event.

Some of the charities that they have selected are items that are very close to their heart. The charities that they have chosen are not organizations they have direct influence with. They are subjects that represent a range of issues that the royal couple are passionate about.

Some of the charities that support HIV research, support for the armed forces, the environment, British conservation and women’s empowerment. There are also charitable organizations for social change and athletics across the UK.

Any member of the British public or individual worldwide can make a donation. An outline of the charities and their donation pages are available on the Royal page. As well as the information on each charity is a message from Harry and Meghan as well.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan breaking royal protocols at public events:

Shortly after the engagement announced, Meghan was very quick to start breaking royal protocols. She had plenty of experience dealing with the public as an actress. Being a royal however is very different.

It was not unusual for Meghan to grab someone out of the crowd and give them a hug. She would commonly pose for selfies and even sign autographs at public events too. No matter where they were appearing, Meghan would always address the crowd and help them feel welcome.

This is a big change from royals who were even scares with handshakes throughout the history of the royal family. In royal tradition, members of the public generally don’t interact with royals unless they present their hands. Meghan has even had a tourist plant a big kiss on her cheek for a photo opportunity.

Prince Harry is also a royal that is considered to be quite warm and inviting at many events. He regularly interacts with the public and has joined in with Meghan in greeting members of the public. It is very unlikely that both Prince Harry and Meghan are going to change after they get married. Although Meghan has tamed down a bit of her interactions with the public, she still goes above and beyond what royal tradition dictates.

Biracial American Royal:

There is not a vast history of biracial royals throughout the family. Most are of British descent and until recently, most tend to be of the same religion as the royal family traditionally too.

Meghan Markle is going to break history entering into the royal family with a number of firsts. Although she is not technically the first biracial royal as Queen Charlotte carries that title, she will be the first American actress to join into the royal family when she and Prince Harry get married.

An American Royal creates some changes for the royal family most certainly. It’s one of the first times that part of the royal allowance may be going back to the United States in taxes. It’s also one of the first occasions where a royal may have to take a citizenship test.

Her background and her family are definitely unique as well. With her parents divorced, one half of her family including her half brother and sister may not even attend the wedding.

Adding an American Royal into the mix is a very modern move on the part of the royal family. Meghan will have to get baptized beforehand but everyone in the royal family is in full support of the wedding. Quite unfortunately, royal traditionalists and members of the British public do have some objections of a biracial American Royal.

All of these have put the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan into a number of headlines.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan are not afraid of PDA:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a very loving couple. When the two of them are out in public together, it isn’t always easy for them to keep their hands off of each other. While many other royals don’t hold hands or show the same type of affection, Meghan Markle and Harry have absolutely no issues showing their love.

Traditionally, Royals are meant to show some form of decorum as they are out in public and this generally means not showing any type of PDA. As a couple that is against that idea totally, they are commonly seen out in public showing their affection without any care.

Non-traditional fashion choices:

Prince Harry and Meghan have commonly been reported on for their fashion choices. Most royal women don’t traditionally use a purse but Meghan tends to go out to public appearances with very large handbags in tow.

The two also don’t shy away from a casual look when they can. Seeing a royal wearing jeans is something that was traditionally very difficult. With their charity work and with their lifestyles, these are two people that regularly don’t seem to care what the traditional fashion is. Meghan is already garnering attention from many brands for her choices in Canadian coats, jeans and more.

As you can see, both Prince Harry and Meghan are likely to be a rebel royals for a number of reasons. They seem like a perfect match for each other in the future. It seems as through the two will be a great match for themselves and for the future of the royal family. Even though they are changing some of the traditions of royals throughout history, they can be a great example of just how the royal family is changing for the ideas of today.

As representatives for the future of the royal family it will be interesting to see how the couple Prince Harry and Meghan continue to rebel. The new ideas that they create could soon become the norm for the future of royalty. As their relationship and ideas evolve we may eventually see a new brand of self-starting, socially conscious and expressive royals.