19 Hot Questions for Meghan Markle: that the British public can’t stop asking

10 Hot Questions for Meghan Markle that the British public can’t stop asking

Meghan Markle has recently been asked countless questions in the British media. And there are a number of people that are always interested in getting answers with the upcoming royal wedding. Here are some of the top questions that many people have for Meghan Markle:

How long before Meghan Markle can become a British citizen?

Meghan Markle is currently an American citizen and with this title she will continue to be taxed as an American citizen for any of the earnings that she gets from the royal family. She will have to go through the proper channels to become a British citizen. This means answering a questionnaire about life in the UK and weighting the designated period before applying for her citizenship.

It could be up to three years before she is able to get her full citizenship as a British resident. She has to reside in the country for this time and spend no more than 270 days outside of the UK for her first three years if she does apply for citizenship.

This could limit a bit of the travel that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do shortly after their wedding. She should have no problems completing the citizenship test or meeting the applications of her current visa.

Citizens that have a minimum income threshold are able to bring their spouses into the UK under a family visa. As Prince Harry is over-qualified for this visa, it’s likely what Meghan Markle will stay in the country under.

Does Meghan Markle have a large family?

Meghan Markle’s half-brother and half-sister are some of her only siblings. Samantha from her father’s first marriage is her half-sister. These two are not on the best of terms and Samantha has commonly spoken out about Meghan’s intentions during the royal wedding. There’s a small chance that neither one of her siblings will be invited to the royal wedding.

Her mother and father are divorced and her father is a bit of a recluse living down in Mexico. He doesn’t often speak to the media and they don’t often spend too much time together.

Her mother is closer to her best friend. As a yoga instructor, her mother is even slated to potentially walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Is Meghan Markle’s real name Rachel?

On some of the official documents, a number of people have been confused by the mention of Rachel Markle. Rachel is actually Meghan Markle’s real first name and her middle name is Meghan. This comes as quite a surprise for a number of people that are a fan of her TV show Suits.

In the TV show, Meghan plays a character called Rachel Zane so you can get extra confusing with her real name being Rachel, her character’s name being Rachel and her commonly going by Meghan. It’s very unlikely that Meghan Markle will ever change her name in the media back to Rachel. She has been going by this name since she first got started in Hollywood and even as a younger child.

How is her handwriting so neat?

Meghan Markle is one of the very few royals that will actually stop and sign autographs for members of the public. She has always been very talented with her cursive writing and she’s known for her very neat penmanship. Meghan Markle has never shied away from the idea of writing hand written notes or even making some art pieces with her handwriting.

Before she was an actress she was an amateur calligrapher. She has been hand asked to create celebrity wedding invitations and worked to sell her art for some time. Some of the famous stars that have hired her for her penmanship include Paula Patton and Robin Thicke for their wedding.

Through years of practice and honing her craft, Meghan has one of the neatest and most artistic signatures that you will ever see from a celebrity.

What will Meghan Markle’s new title be?

It can be fairly easy to get confused with royal titles especially at the end of the royal wedding. While many people referred to Diana as Princess Diana, this was actually not her official title.

The title of Princess is commonly reserved for people born into the royal family. Some of the only people that have this title currently our Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and her granddaughters. Even though Princess Diana was commonly known as the Princess of Wales, Diana was actually a duchess.

Meghan Markle’s new title as a duchess will likely be given to her as a royal wedding present. There are a few areas considered to be front runners for Prince Harry and Meghan to receive their title under. It is common for Royals to receive a territory such as Wales or another area within the greater UK.

Once Meghan marries she will likely gain the title of the duchess of Sussex, Connaught or Albany depending on which territory is selected for her and Prince Harry.

The current front runner is that the two will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as proclaimed by the Queen. If Meghan and Harry were to have children after words, their kids would be given the title of Prince and Princess.

Does Meghan Markle’s divorce affect anything?

Laws of divorce within the Church of England have always been quite strict. Prince Harry’s great-great uncle King Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne completely so that he could marry a divorcee. It took over 80 years for the Church of England to change their mind on marrying divorced.

In the year 2002, the church stated that they would allow individuals to have been married before to join into the royal family through the Church of England. Megan Markle’s divorce from Trevor Engelson will bear no weight on the royal wedding whatsoever.

Even the Archbishop is extremely excited to welcome Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the church. Meghan even went on to become baptized and confirmed within the church before her wedding to make sure that the entire ceremony would be done traditionally and with full recognition.

What will Meghan Markle be responsible for once she becomes a member of the royal family?

Meghan has no plans to actually continue with her acting career when she becomes an official member of the royal family. She wants her time as a royal to be like a new chapter in her life. She wants to move out of her career and more so into the role of being a modern royal.

She will be focusing more on the philanthropy causes that she has championed throughout her career. She will be advocating for women as well as disadvantaged individuals across the world.

After the royal wedding she also becomes one of the fourth patrons for Harry, William and Kate’s royal foundation. This is a fund that is responsible for providing resources for mental health campaigns, initiatives like the Invictus games and more.

Has the royal family been welcoming to Meghan Markle?

Many people wonder if the Windsor were welcoming Meghan Markle to the royal family, especially someone that is an American.

Meghan has been a hit with the royal family since she was first introduced. Through several meetings with members of the royal family she’s been greeted with open arms. The queen described their relationship as amazing and they are delighted to see them get married.

William and Kate have become close friends with Meghan as they all live in the same area of the palace. It seems as though Kate has worked very closely with Meghan on what it’s like to be a royal in the public eye. And Meghan has helped Kate through her pregnancy with dietary tips and yoga.

Meghan was also one of the very first people to ever attend a Christmas getaway with the royal family without having first married into the family. After the announcement of the engagement, Meghan was cordially invited to join the royal family at their Christmas getaway this year. She suggested that it was like the family Christmas she had never had during her time with the royals.

How is she so photogenic?

One of the top reasons Meghan Markle may only seem to appear so photogenic is because of the relationship with her father. Her father Thomas Markle was the lighting director and director of photography on married with children and a number of other shows as Meghan was growing up. Her father always had a talent for finding peoples light and it’s likely that he passed that along to her.

Meghan Markle

Ever since she started acting she has had some inside technical knowledge on the photography process and helping everyone on set look their best. She has gone on record to say that her father would regularly call her and point out changes to make on Suits. Between Meghan’s fashion sense and her ability to always find the best light, it makes perfect sense on why she can always look her best for photos.

What is her education like?

Most members of the royal family generally need to be fairly smart individuals and have some experience with going to Ivy League schools or higher education. Meghan’s education was nothing short of impressive. She’s always been interested in politics as well as her performance and she took a double major in college.

Meghan went to Northwestern University for theater and international relations. She went in originally to be an actress but with her love of politics it wasn’t long before she changed her major. Meghan finished her degree and continues to use her international relations and theater experience.

Does she work in politics?

Meghan has had some experience in politics working with the UN and she has also had a position with the US Embassy. Meghan worked at the US Embassy in Argentina as soon as she finished her degree at Northwestern.

She had have planned a career in politics and as soon as she finished most of her credits, she started the internship. After the internship she ended up working in Buenos Aires for a few months. Meghan recalls this time very fondly. Some of her favorite moments were riding in the motorcade with political officials at 20 years old.

Who is around to guide Meghan Markle in what it means to be royal?

She has already broken a number of royal protocols posing for selfies, wearing ripped jeans, hugging people and more. A number of people will be guiding her through the process of being a royal including her new appointed assistant.

Meghan Markle received a correspondence assistant and personal royal assistant just before the wedding. This official is commonly used to handle correspondence between members of the royal family and the public. Her assistant can also help to prepare her for upcoming events, managing her calendar and with tips on etiquette.

Kate Middleton has been a wealth of knowledge for Megan with public appearances and tips on living in the palace. As someone that quite recently had to adjust a royal life, Kate is one of the greatest teachers for Megan.

Prince Harry has done a great job preparing Meghan for events such as meeting his grandmother, through the royal engagement. Meghan has already had to go to a number of glamorous events such as the retirement of Prince Philip, some appearances with charities and more.

Is she similar to her character on Suits?

Meghan has gone on record to say that she feels very close to her character on suits. Her character on the show is extremely driven and ambitious. Markle has suggested that she also aspires to carry these qualities. She is the type of person that will always take every situation assertively.

The only places where she falls short of her character is with her own critical thinking. Meghan Markle has suggested that she tends to be a little bit harder on herself than most people may actually be with her. As her own worst critic it can often be difficult for her to measure up to her own standards.

Where is Meghan Markle going to live?

Meghan is planning on starting married life in a fairly modern cottage which is located on the grounds of Kensington. Currently the two are living in Harry’s place which is an apartment located within William and Kate’s home. Harry and Meghan are also looking at some other property in the village of Luckington, close to Harry’s childhood home.

This would be a particularly excellent location for Harry and Meghan to settle as it’s directly in the heart of Polo country giving him access to the sport that he absolutely loves. The “Nott Cott” apartment that both are sharing now is an excellent opportunity during the planning of the royal wedding.

Meghan is likely taking some time to adjust it what it’s like living within the palace walls. Being closer to a village in having their own home will likely deliver a few extra comforts for the couple.

Will Meghan Markle have her dogs move in with her?

Meghan is known for commonly posting her two dogs over social media. She has a beagle named Guy and a Labrador shepherd named Bogart. Unfortunately Bogart has to stay behind in North America but he will be taken care of by Meghan’s friend.

Vegetarians have recommended Bogart stay behind as it may be difficult for him to travel at his age. This is quite unfortunate for Meghan but at least you will be able to regularly visit her dog. Guy the Beagle has already moved in with Meghan in Harry’s Place and it’s very likely that he will end up going almost everywhere that the royal couple moves after the wedding.

Does she share the prince’s love for food?

Price Harry has always been fiercely independent and even does his own grocery shopping. Meghan Markle is someone that also loves to cook. Her character on the show suits is definitely a foodie and this is directly based off of Meghan herself.

She is constantly on the search for brand-new recipes and new restaurants that she can try. She has regularly been into fine dining in finding experimental cuisines across California since she became an actress. Farm to table has been a big aspect of dining through her entire experience in California. She loves the idea of throwing herself into food and embracing the flavors that come out of her journey into new restaurants and recipes.

Meghan Markle really prides herself to be a pro chef and she is always looking for new ingredients that can elevate any dish. According to media reports she’s even been cooking inside the palace. She showed off some of her skills baking some treats for Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

The prince and his soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex have been seen trying a number of different unique food items in preparation for the royal wedding and through some of their previous public appearances. She definitely shares Prince Harry’s love for food and the two will likely be trying many different types of foods over their time together!

How does she stay in great shape?

Meghan Markle has a daily workout routine that usually involves an extensive run followed by yoga. Her mother is a professional yoga instructor and Meghan has even been teaching members of the royal family how they can get involved.

In the later stages of her pregnancy, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were doing some basic yoga together and Meghan regularly tries to stay fit running inside as part of her daily routine. She believes that finding balance in the workout routine with a mix of running and yoga is the secret to success.

What is her connection to the fashion industry?

Meghan Markle is very well known for her fashion sense. There are a number of brands that she commonly has been linked to and many of her best friends are in the fashion industry. As a clear fashionista, many members of the British public want to know if she is tied to any brand.

Meghan has actually been a brand ambassador for a Canadian retailer called Reitmans. Between the fall of 2015 and 2016, Meghan was actually one of their employees. She helped to create a number of fashion items including a capsule collection of dresses and a number of other accessories.

A few of these dresses can still be picked up today and some of the pieces that were co-designed by Markle remain some of the most popular selling items currently. Since the royal engagement the company has seen a lot more business especially with some of the looks that Meghan had a hand in creating.

Meghan Markle also were almost all of her own clothing and jewelry throughout Suits. She was styled professionally by Jessica Mulroney, one of her best friends. She styled all of her own jewelry on the show after family heirlooms, her own personal jewelry and specialty items that she picked out. She insisted on working to create a unique look for her character.

Does Meghan Markle want kids?

One of the biggest questions after the wedding is whether or not Harry and Meghan will end up having kids. While Prince William and Kate have ensured that the royal family will expand yet another generation, Harry and Meghan have also suggested that they may want kids.

Meghan and Harry suggested that they’re going to be taking things one step at a time with the goal of starting a family in the near future. Meghan does want kids. And it sounds like Harry does as well but it could be some time for us to see.

Both may get settled in their own home that is a little more child friendly than Harry’s current bachelor pad. This could be part of the motivation for seeking a home near where he was raised as a child.

Keep some of these top questions in mind about Meghan Markle leading up to the wedding!