Cover story: Many things you need to know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

The anticipated royal wedding has stirred up controversy. Here is what you need to know.

What is included with Meghan Markle’s engagement ring?

Since the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a number of news media sites have been looking to get up close pictures of the ring. A few details were known about the ring when the engagement was announced on November 27, 2017. As soon as Meghan saw it she absolutely fell in love.

The ring itself has some specialty features that pay direct tribute to Princess Diana. Prince Harry supposedly designed the ring himself and with stones that each bear their own unique significance. The main stone is a rare diamond that comes from Botswana, the place that they first fell in love and where they took their weeklong vacation. The two diamonds come directly from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection and were taken from items that she had an astute fondness for.

The base of the ring is made of a yellow gold because this is considered to be one of Meghan’s favorites for jewelry. The symbolism of choosing stones from Diana’s collection was to have Diana with the couple through the process of their wedding planning and their journey together as husband and wife.

Now there have been many pictures of Meghan Markle with this special ring but how does it differ from her first engagement ring?

The diamond set is fairly similar between the two rings. The way that the Diamond wedding band that Trevor Engelson gave her in 2011 matched with her wedding band was quite unique. When she married it was matched with a thin diamond wedding band to create a large sparkling pair of rings and this is thought likely to be the same pairing that will occur between the rings that Prince Harry gave Meghan as well.

There are no details of this similar design confirmed for the upcoming May wedding but we could likely see another matched pair of wedding band and engagement ring as it seems to be Meghan’s style.

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress:

Although many of the aspects of the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being kept quite secret some of the details are starting to leak and through some quite unusual methods.


With the most recent royal wedding between William and Kate there were many members of the British public that were stepping up and making bets on the designer, the flower color and more. The bookies of London and across the UK may be revealing more information than they think in fact.

With many of the debts that were coming in surrounding the William and Kate wedding, most of the time the information was varied. Of course there were a few front runners on the dress design before it was announced but ultimately most betters weren’t sure until the information was properly published. Shortly before Meghan and Harry’s engagement was announced the betting that took place regarding the dress designer was immediately shut down.

This is because there was a huge number of bets for the same designer. Suspended betting has continued in many British bookkeepers have been forced to close their bets on the wedding designer for Meghan’s dress.

There were many speculations that Meghan’s gown would be created by Ralph and Russo as they completed this year dress that she was wearing in all of their engagement photos. The other main speculation was that the dress would be designed by Erdem as this is one of the favored designers for Kate Middleton.

The designer name it actually stopped all of the betting however may not come as a surprise for anyone that commonly follows awards show fashions and some of Meghan Markle’s previous fashion choices for events. The bookies were forced to close down betting on the royal wedding gown designer when a massive influx of pics for Alexander McQueen were selected. With the original odds for Alexander McQueen published at 16 to 1, it is now the current front runner and a previous royal wedding participant.

Back in year 2011 the Duchess of Cambridge had an Alexander McQueen wedding dress. As this designer is no stranger to the royal family and to royal weddings this gives Alexander McQueen yet another advantage as being seen as Meghan’s wedding gown. 

Meghan Markle’s bouquet:

One of the largest royal wedding traditions often comes associated with the flowers and the decor involved in the royal wedding. With several elements in the marriage between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry breaking tradition set in the past with royals, it will be interesting to see if the royal bouquet will also be something that breaks with tradition.

Bouquet Dress Wedding Flower White Bride Woman

In most cases with royal tradition there are centuries-old customs that go into the wedding bouquet including the flowers and ornaments that make it up.

In any type of Royal bouquet there has to be a single spread of Myrtle which is a tradition started in the Queen Victoria marriage to Prince Albert. Myrtle is a royal wedding bouquet tradition that symbolizes love and hope.

Meghan’s bouquet will also have to contain an evergreen shrub which is a direct tribute to her late mother in law. Duchess Kate included one of these evergreen shrubs which was a plant of choice of Diana and something that Meghan is very likely to include as well.

Lily of the Valley is yet another flower that is commonly included in many royal bouquets. British brides including Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and Diana have all included this flower which is locally grown. It’s a beautiful symbol of England and it often represents the people in the bouquets of royal officials. Kate Middleton also included this inside her bouquet but it was nowhere near as large as the bouquet carried by Diana that was completely filled with the flowers.

Roses are a very traditional flower to include in any type of wedding ceremony. As roses often begin to wilt as soon as they are cut only the best types of blooms are often selected for royal bouquets. Although Meghan loves pink roses, it’s very unlikely to see in the Royal bouquet. According to an expert British florist, the vast majority of royal bouquets have all been done in primarily white flowers. This leads us to believe that if roses are to be included, they will be finely cut white roses incorporated into the display.

One of the final touches that we will likely see included in Meghan Markle’s bouquet is a group of peonies. Peonies are something that she has gone on record saying that they are her favorite flower. Even better peonies often blossoming May making them one of the best choices for a May wedding selection. As Meghan can often be seen on her Instagram account decorating with some of these flowers or holding them, we would be willing to bet that she is bound to include them alongside her flowers in the wedding as well.

As you can see there are many elements that need to be included in Meghan Markle’s bouquet. We are certainly very excited to see the items that she plans on including as part of the display. The British public is getting in on the fun as well and a number of people are even placing bets as to what will be included in the bouquet for the May wedding!

Queen Elizabeth expected to give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a traditional wedding gift:

When a royal wedding occurs the decorum associated with gift giving is a little different from a traditional style wedding. While many newlyweds might expect to get a brand-new plate set, some sheets, towels or some home appliances, the nature of royal traditions with weddings changes matters.

Under royal tradition when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marry, it’s likely that Queen Elizabeth will bestow Harry with two titles on the wedding day. One of these titles will be for use in Scotland and the other will be for use in England.

This planned gift also occurred with the union of Kate Middleton and Prince William. When the two were married the Queen bestowed upon them to do conductors of Cambridge title as well as the Scottish titles of Earl and Countess of Strathern. Harry and Meghan Markle will likely receive the titles of the Earl and Countess of Ross in Scotland as well as the English title of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These are the traditional titles given to the second born royal sons and the most likely wedding gift that Queen Elizabeth can deliver for this new and happy couple in May.

It would be quite an extreme departure from royal tradition to see these valves broken and with these new titles on the way for the royal couple we may have to get used to addressing a whole new generation of British monarchy under new names.

Alongside this title Meghan Markle will receive access to the royal family allowance which at its bare minimum could represent around 125+ thousand dollars per year. While this is a small fraction of what her husband receives from Princess Diana’s estate, this represents a fair wedding present all on its own.

Kate Middleton in Meghan Markle are forming a wonderful sisterly relationship:

Since Kate Middleton in Meghan Markle have met, they have continued to extend their relationship and become excellent friends. When we really think about it, it’s difficult to consider a few people that understand each other quite as well as the two.


Both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are considered to be wealthy yet normal marrying into the British royal family and also being thrust into the spotlight immediately. During Christmas Day service they seem to share a moment and have been getting along swimmingly ever since.

Over the past 15 years Kate Middleton has been under intensive scrutiny with the media since she met her future husband Prince William at St. Andrews University. Although Meghan Markle has only been in the spotlight with the royal family since 2016, it seems as though the focus is also being shifted directly to her with the royal wedding coming up. Kate and Meghan have been sharing advice together and supporting one another. With Kate in her pregnancy and Meghan preparing for one of the largest upcoming events in royal history, the two are becoming true sisters.

Harry has done a marvelous job delivering guidance and security on the run-up to the engagement and throughout the entire wedding planning process. The royal family is continuing to help her through and make sure she’s comfortable and Meghan is finding her place as well.

Meghan regularly practices daily yoga and it occasionally joined by Kate. She also shares some of her tips on healthy eating and is helping to guide Kate’s diet through her third pregnancy. Prince William has been continuously supportive to his wife and his new sister-in-law making sure that everyone is feeling their best with the big events on the horizon.

Kate has been a huge help to Meghan apparently providing her with some coaching on how to adjust royal life and what to expect during various walkabouts. Although Meghan may appear extremely confident in her public appearances she often turns to Kate for advice and is a bit nervous about taking on her new life. Sources close to the royal family have suggested that Meghan Markle has no doubts in her selection of Harry but is taking some time to adjust to the basic confines of being a royal within the gates of Kensington Palace. Waking up and not having to immediately go to an engagement or films that is a big change of pace for Meghan.

Rather than looking at the latest fashions on high Street or going out for a jog, Meghan is instead spending most of her time doing yoga and visiting with Kate and William from her position in apartment 1A. This will all likely change once the wedding is completely through and the latest appearances start stacking up on her calendar.

Why Meghan Markle will make a great mother:

Since their engagement has been announced, many people have been speculating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could very soon become parents. Harry and Markle have suggested that they are excited to start a family on their own with interest expressed in having kids of their own after the marriage. We are very excited at the possibility that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have children soon. There’s a number of key signs that Meghan Markle has presented that she would make an excellent mother right now:

She’s a proud feminist: As a proud feminist she continues to advocate for women and is an ambassador at the United Nations. She values the importance of women’s rights and standing up for the importance of quality/reproductive rights is very important to her.

She definitely wants kids: In several interviews she has talked about dreaming of having a family apart from the happiness of her career and her life of travel.

She’s been great with kids in charity appearances: since the two have been engaged they have been making time to come into Street Games a charity that spends time supporting disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom. Since she’s been hanging out with kids so much, playing games and tearing them on it has shown that she is excellent with children and ready to handle a few of her own.

She has so many life lessons to teach: her own mother was quite a free spirit and is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration to Meghan. Megan Markle has a wealth of experience as detailed in some of her anonymous blogs from 2010. She has learned from her past and taking the time to make these decisions so that her kids can avoid them. As an inspiring woman herself she could impart an extensive amount of wisdom to a future royal baby.