Meghan Markle: is breaking one more royal tradition at her upcoming wedding

As the future plans for the wedding between Meghan Markle 36 and Prince Harry 33 on May 19 continue to ramp up, one more royal tradition is set to be broken on the day of the wedding. Meghan Markle is set to be one of the first bride and royal history to deliver her own speech on the wedding day. This breaks through centuries of tradition with British royalty on who will speak during the reception.

On May 19 over 100 guests are expected at Windsor Castle and during the reception Meghan Markle has suggested that she has full intentions of speaking and has prepared a speech for the day.

Commonly the father of the bride makes a speech during the royal wedding. Meghan Markle 73-year-old father Thomas Markle is still planning to walk her down the aisle but wants to make sure that his daughter has the right to speak for herself.

Included in the speech Meghan Markle suggested that she wants to have the opportunity to thank the Queen, her family and her friends in affectionate tribute speech. Although it goes outside of regal customs she feels as though it’s her duty as a bride to make sure that everyone is appreciated for their warm welcome into the family.

As her first official speech is a Duchess it’s likely that it will be a touching and perhaps even a little bit humorous message. Markle is no stranger to public speaking even though it may be a bit intimidating to speak in front of the hundreds of guests including the Queen.

As a women’s advocate at the UN she has continued to promote gender equality and has given numerous speeches supporting the He for she campaigned with Emma Watson. She’s irresponsible giving speeches at the UN in 2015 all with the message of equality between men and women.

Although the move to make a speech does break extensive royal traditions, it further exemplifies the picture of the modern royal that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become.