Is Meghan Markle the Rebel Royal?

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has gone against a number of different royal traditions and protocols. Does her act of marrying into the family make her a shot at being the next rebel royal? There have been many rebel royals throughout history and Princess Diana was no stranger to the idea herself. She broke royal protocol many times including speaking candidly about her marriage, clearing minefields in Angola, exposing her children to a lifestyle.

It seems as though a bit of that rebellious streak definitely rubbed off on Prince Harry who was long considered the royal bad boy for some of his antics beyond his philanthropy work. As an avid partygoer and socialite it seems as though Prince Harry could have a run for his money as being the next Rebel Royal especially in his fiancée Meghan Markle.

As soon as she got involved with the young Prince Harry there was an extensive amount of rumors circulating. They kept their relationship in extreme secret. Meghan Markle was dodging the media and they successfully managed to date over many months before making their relationship public.

In this article we will go through some of the other areas where Meghan Markle is breaking with royal tradition and in some cases the coming a bit of a rebel within the royal family. Ultimately, many of her actions are seen as fairly harmless and although it may seem like rebellion right now. These changes could usher in a new level of expectations and traditions for modern royals.

Here are some of the top ways that Meghan Markle is breaking royal traditions to become the next rebel Royal:

Meghan Markle carries a large purse:

In one of her first royal appearances after the two were engaged, she attended an event in November carrying quite a large handbag. In royal tradition women are usually encouraged to carry just small clutches as a clutch can often deter individuals from reaching out to shake their hands.

Generally as part of etiquette, people are encouraged only to shake hands with royal family members if they extend their hands first. Seeing a member of the royal family with a large purse and actively shaking hands is a big change. And something that doesn’t traditionally mesh well with older style royal protocols.

Meghan Markle does complex makeup:

Meghan commonly contours her cheeks, and uses a little more dramatic style of makeup than many other royals. Diana commonly used blue eyeliner and other types of makeup to step outside of the lines of traditional royal makeup. Most modern royals including Kate Middleton usually keep their makeup very simple.

Meghan made a huge statement when she arrived at Christmas Day church in professional makeup, contoured with Rosie blushed cheeks. This more complex makeup style could be something that we commonly see from her in public appearances.

Meghan doesn’t wear pantyhose:

Bear leggings are generally not something that you would see as part of royal tradition. On the day of her engagement she stepped out to announce her engagement in bare legs. Their legs go against a tradition in the royal family that encourages women to wear stockings.

Queen Elizabeth for example has not been photographed without pantyhose through the entire time. Kate Middleton also wears polish stockings regularly in public. Meghan is going against tradition with her fashion yet again.
Her messy bun hair style:

Royal women usually keep their hair sleek and they regularly use hats to keep their hair hidden. Meghan has stepped out twice in royal appearances wearing just a messy bun. This is quite a unique look for many members of the royal family.
The media has jumped on getting her photos with a loose style and with the bun beginning to come apart. This is a refreshing look at a modern royal that has a hairstyle which is a little more approachable.

Meghan has worn ripped jeans:

At her visit to the Invictus games in September, Meghan arrived with ripped jeans that were hemmed around the knees. It’s rare to see royals and jeans to begin with let alone a pair that is styled and ripped.

Jeans are a style that often deemed to be extremely casual for royals. And you’ll often only see them wearing this style as they are volunteering or made part of a relief effort. Seeing Meghan in jeans isn’t really something unexpected but it is quite rebellious in terms of royal style again.

Stepping away from British brands:

It is fairly common for royals to stick to brands which are primarily British. Meghan Markle regularly shows up wearing Canadian brands and showing off some of the clothing designers from her Toronto.

In her engagement announcement she was actually wearing a white trench coat from Line the Label in Toronto and this immediately sparked controversy from the British public that often enjoys seeing royals in clothing from their country.

Meghan engagement ring is very different than other royals:

With an engagement ring that is all diamonds, Meghan broke tradition yet again. In most cases royal women have looked towards other types of gemstones in their engagement rings over only just diamonds. They have all used sapphires in their ring where is Princess Margaret got a Ruby instead of a diamond.
Meghan’s diamond engagement ring is more of a traditional ring. And the fact that it includes only diamond is a very different look than what would typically make up a Royal engagement ring.

Hugging in public:

Royals often reserve the right to even refuse handshakes in public. Hugging is something that has never really happened is part of the royal family. But Meghan Markle regularly takes time to interact with the crowd at royal appearances and hugged the members of the public.
She isn’t the first royal to do so either. Princess Diana was known to commonly do this at a number of public events as well.

The date that Meghan Markle chose for her wedding is untraditional:

Generally, royals will marry on weekdays but it is not the case with the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry. Although it breaks again some of the oldest royal traditions, this is not a huge sticking point with the public in terms of controversy.

Her biracial ethnicity:

There has never been anyone in the royal family of African-American descent and as Meghan Markle’s mother lives in LA and is an African-American woman. She is breaking history by becoming a member of the royal family.

Meghan is extremely proud of her heritage and although there is some controversy as her marriage with Prince Harry could represent a new age in expanding the royal family. Apart from her biracial ethnicity she is an American royal which is also quite a rarity within the royal family. Most of the previous members of the royal family have been of British or European descent.

Meghan’s divorce:

Although the royal family has had instances of people marrying in after a divorce, the idea of divorce is still a subject that is often looked down upon within the royal family. The royal Church recently made amendments on the nature of divorce and for people marrying into the royal family.

Meghan was with Trevor Engelson for six years before they got engaged in the year 2010. The two broke up in the year 2013 and divorced citing irreconcilable differences.
Since the divorce Engelson has gone on to produce a new show that is loosely based off of their relationship and the idea of sharing custody with a woman joining into the royal family. Meghan and her past relationship with Engelson has only added more fuel to her being a rebel royal.

Her baptism:

After the engagement Meghan Markle may not have anticipated the idea that she would have to be baptized. As she was raised as a Catholic in a Catholic Church, she had to undergo a ceremony shortly after their engagement so that she could be married in the church. This was a fairly simple ceremony that members of the public were not invited for.
Everything went well but Meghan required to separate religious ceremonies before she was able to be married. This same ceremony was done by Kate Middleton before her marriage as well.

Her plan to give a speech at the wedding:

Generally the only speech is given on the wedding day comes from the groom, or the father of the bride. Meghan Markle plans on breaking tradition yet again by giving a speech at her wedding.
While other royals like Diana have broken with royal tradition by writing their own vows, giving a speech at the annual wedding is a brand new level of tradition breaking within the process of a royal wedding.

Meghan’s earnings:

In most cases, other members of the royal family that have come from at least some type of wealth. Most of Meghan Markle’s earnings are self-made from her time on Suits as well sponsorships and deals throughout the past. As she has an estimated net worth of around $4-$5 million, she is an entirely as self-made woman.

Where the controversy lies however is that she is one of the least wealthy people marrying into the royal family. Kate Middleton with her family money was valued at around $10 million when she married into the royal family. And Princess Diana had an estimated net worth of around $50 million when she became a royal.

Meghan Markle self-made earnings may represent just a small portion of the royal fortune but the fact that she earned all of it on her own goes against traditionalist views of royalty.
Even more rebellious is the fact that Prince Harry did not sign any prenuptial agreement with Meghan.

Her strong feminist views:

As a member of UN Council for equality of women, Meghan is a strong advocate for women’s rights and feminism. While there have been other royals that have collectively stood up and fought for women’s rights around the world, Meghan will likely be using her royal influence to create extensive social change in women’s charities.

Generally speaking, the royal family is usually asked to stay quite neutral on their politics and their worldview. As Meghan is extremely outspoken we will likely be hearing exactly what’s on her mind about politic, social issues and charity.
As you can see, there are a number of reasons why we could consider Megan Markle to be a Rebel Royal. We will see what the next generation of modern royals will be and the traditions that they will carry forward.