Meghan Markle: “Why Meghan Markle will make a great mother”

Since their engagement has been announced, many people have been speculating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could very soon become parents. Harry and Markle has suggested that they are excited to start a family on their own with interest expressed in having kids of their own after the marriage. We are very excited at the possibility that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have children soon.

There’s a number of key signs that Meghan Markle has presented that she would make an excellent mother right now:

She’s a proud feminist: As a proud feminist she continues to advocate for women and is an ambassador at the United Nations. She values the importance of women’s rights and standing up for the importance of quality/reproductive rights is very important to her.

She definitely wants kids: In several interviews she has talked about dreaming of having a family apart from the happiness of her career and her life of travel.

She’s been great with kids in charity appearances: since the two have been engaged they have been making time to come into Street Games a charity that spends time supporting disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom. Since she’s been hanging out with kids so much, playing games and tearing them on it has shown that she is excellent with children and ready to handle a few of her own.

She has so many life lessons to teach: her own mother was quite a free spirit and is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration to Meghan. Megan Markle has a wealth of experience as detailed in some of her anonymous blogs from 2010. She has learned from her past and taking the time to make these decisions so that her kids can avoid them. As an inspiring woman herself she could impart an extensive amount of wisdom to a future royal baby.