Meghan Markle’s Mother: has become a true star after the engagement

Doria Radlan is Meghan Markle’s mother and since Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry, both of Meghan Markle’s parents have been forced into the spotlight. Whether it’s interviews on Meghan Markle’s age difference between prince harry, her daughter’s thoughts on feminism or why she divorced her husband, Radlin has been very supportive with the media and a big hit amongst many of Meghan Markle’s fans.

Photo credit: DigitalMajority on / CC BY-NC-SA

Meghan Markle’s mother will be the first African-American member of the royal family and Meghan will be the first biracial woman to enter into the royal family. Many people have been very interested to know more about Meghan Markle’s mother calling her a true hero for her ideologies.

Radlan remained quite quiet during her daughter’s rise but since the proposal her and her ex-husband Thomas Markle released a joint statement on their happiness for the couple. The 61-year-old mother divorced Meghan’s father after nine years of marriage and Meghan best describes her mother as a free spirit that’s fun-loving.

Meghan suggests that much of her inspiration for being an equal woman and a driven individual comes from her mother. At 61 she just ran the LA Marathon and she still continues to keep her look of dreadlocks and a nose ring.

The two have a fun relationship and they get along together just like best friends. There’s even reports that they’re so close Doria Radlan will be walking Meghan Markle down the aisle on her wedding day. Harry certainly enjoys spending time with Meghan Markle’s mother as well as he flew her out for the Invictus games in Toronto this year.

A huge outreach over social media has occurred since the engagement with many praising Doria for raising such a remarkable young woman mostly on her own and creating a modern Princess.