Meghan: Princess Diana’s new version?

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan, has become a topic of discussion for people globally. As the soon-to-be royal family member, she also has some history of scandal. Bsome history of scandal. She has broken a number of royal rules the same way that Princess Diana did.

Rising Hollywood star

Meghan Markle was born in August 1981, in Los Angeles, CA. She pursued his professional career as an actress and has appeared in a number of TV series. She assumed the recurring role of Rachel Zane on Suits, a USA network show.

Meghan emerged as the subject of discussion for top international magazines in 2016 when her relationship with Prince Harry got leaked before they announced their engagement in 2017. What’s more, Meghan ran a lifestyle blog named “The Tig” between 2014 and 2017.

Meghan is a very popular actress who has recorded her name in many TV series globally. Her engagement and proposed wedding to Prince Harry, the fifth-in-line to the British throne, has further propagated her name and made her even more popular.

This is what is expected of a 36-year-old actress, Meghan who is being engaged to a 33-year-old Prince Harry. In fact, Meghan became the most-Googled actress of 2016 even when her relationship with Prince Harry has not been made public.

Now that she is getting married to a royal family, Meghan’s name has gone viral and everybody is willing to know more about her here and there.

Unique ethnicity with entertainment family background

As said earlier, Meghan was born on the fourth day of August 1981, in Los Angeles, CA. Her mother, Doria, is a clinical therapist and yoga instructor. Her father, Tom Markle, is a Television lighting and photography director. This is to show that Meghan evolved from an entertainment home.

At 11, Meghan wrote a petition against a particular TV advertisement where the idea of women is being dragged into the mud. Several notorious people, including the then first lady of US, Hillary Clinton were copied by Meghan. Meghan was forced to open the petition when her male classmates were yelling upon seeing the advert which states that women belong to the kitchen.

In the end, following Meghan’s intervention, the advert was changed. In the later stage of her life, Meghan studied theater and international relations (double major) at the Northwestern University School of Communication where she graduated in 2003.

Before her graduation in 2003, Meghan launched her first TV role as a guest on “General Hospital”. Subsequently, she proceeded to appear in some other series which includes, but not limited to, The War at Home, CSI: NY and 90210.

Divorced bride

Although Meghan is now engaged to Prince Harry, she has once been engaged and even married to another man in the past. In 2011, Meghan got married to Trevor Engelson, a film producer. The relationship didn’t last long for an “unknown reason” and they divorced in 2013.

Meghan developed an interest in some side attractions which includes yoga (remember her mum is a yoga instructor), calligraphy, and cuisine. Furthermore, Meghan is also a writer and essayist. She has written some contents for Elle UK and ran a lifestyle blog for three years.

Meghan is also a philanthropist and has engaged in series of charity donations. No wonder she was appointed as the U.N. Women’s Advocate, and likewise worked with the World Vision Clean Water Campaign, among others.

Engelson might not have been popular if he had not divorced Meghan, who is the topic of today. Meghan and Engelson began a relationship in 2004 and the held their marriage ceremony on September 10, 2011, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Almost two years later, exactly 23 months after the marriage, Meghan and Engleson divorced in August 2013. The reason for the divorce was undisclosed.

Theater undergraduate major combined with Politics

Meghan attended private schools and grew in Hollywood. She started at the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse. When she was 11 years, she successfully campaigned against an advert of a national television and was documented by Nick News and Linda Ellerbee.

Some of the private schools Meghan attended are all girls’ Catholic private school and Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles.

Meghan earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the Northwestern University with a double-major in international studies and theater arts. In one of her interview with Vogue, Meghan explained how she was, at the age of 20, and limited of funds to complete her junior studies, applied for an internship at the embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In order to support and raise some funds for herself, Meghan worked as a freelance calligrapher. She featured first in an episode of the daytime soap opera General Hospital where she appeared in the background. More so, Meghan played a small role as a guest on the TV shows Century City in 2004, CSI: NY in 2006, and “The war at home” in 2006. She also took several contracts in acting and modeling.

In the later days of 2015 when Meghan seems to be having a glitch with her roles, Meghan took to her profile and stated that she wasn’t black enough to perform black roles and likewise not white enough to assume the role of white ones.

Starting from July 2011, Meghan played significant roles in a number of TVG show in the USA network. She played as Rachel Zane in a show named Spits and a host of others. Meghan also operated a lifestyle blog between 2014 and 2017 named The Tig.

Humanitarian work

Back on December 6, 2014, Meghan and two sportsmen, Doug Fister and Brian Urlacher, addressed the audience in a USO show held at Naval Station Rota in Spain.

What’s more, Meghan was a counselor at the 2014 annual summit of the international charity “One Young World” held in Dublin. She spoke on the topic “gender equality and modern-day slavery”. As part of her duties to the organization, she also traveled to Spain and Afghanistan for a Holiday Tour.

Meghan emerged the global ambassador for the World Vision Canada, where she visited Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign. There, the organization provided clean, safe, and drinkable water. She also traveled to India to motivate the public and create awareness in terms of women activities.

Meghan identifies herself as a feminist and was present at the One Young World summit in 2016.

Meghan Markle’s mother has become a true star after the engagement

Doria Radlan is Meghan’s mother and since Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry, both of Meghan’s parents have been forced into the spotlight. Whether its interviews on Meghan’s age difference between Prince Harry, her daughter’s thoughts on feminism or why she divorced her husband, Radlin has been very supportive with the media and a big hit amongst many of Meghan’s fans.

Meghan’s mother will be the first African-American member of the royal family and Meghan will be the first biracial woman to enter into the royal family. Many people have been very interested to know more about Meghan’s mother calling her a true hero for her ideologies.

Radlan remained quite quiet during her daughter’s rise but since the proposal her and her ex-husband Thomas Markle released a joint statement on their happiness for the couple. The 61-year-old mother divorced Meghan’s father after nine years of marriage and Meghan best describes her mother as a free spirit that’s fun-loving.

Meghan suggests that much of her inspiration for being an equal woman and a driven individual comes from her mother. At 61 she just ran the LA Marathon and she still continues to keep her look of dreadlocks and a nose ring.

The two have a fun relationship and they get along together just like best friends. There’s even reports that they’re so close Doria Radlan will be walking Meghan down the aisle on her wedding day. Harry certainly enjoys spending time with Markle’s mother as well as he flew her out for the Invictus games in Toronto this year.

A huge outreach over social media has occurred since the engagement with many praising Doria for raising such a remarkable young woman mostly on her own and creating a modern Princess.

Romance with Prince Harry

Although Meghan was previously known for her role in TV series, she became an international headline when her affairs with Prince Harry were made public. These two met during an event, the Invictus Games, in Toronto.

Meghan Markle

This was the same place where “Suits” was filmed. Further discussions ensued between them and more questions are raised in the mind of people than answers. NO wonder Meghan was the most Googled actress of 2016 as a result of the relationship.

However, the sequence was cautioned when the Kensington Palace issued a public statement demanding that the couple’s privacy should be respected. Likewise, the statement identifies the various indecencies directed towards Meghan online.

Fast forward to Nov 27, 2017, Prince Harry and Meghan told the public they have secretly got engaged earlier that month and would be getting married soon. Among those who congratulated them were Prince William and Catherine, the Duck and Duchess of Cambridge respectively. In their words, they expressed their excitement about the relationship.

Most searched wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan

After a few weeks, Kensington Palace declared that the royal wedding will take place on May 19, 2018, at the St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This amazing news came almost after Google announced that Meghan emerged the most searched actress for two consecutive years.

She finished second to the fired TV presenter, Matt Lauer, for the 2017 ranking. Google again recorded a massive search for Meghan following the release of the couple’s official portrait photography.

In order to align with the royal tradition, Meghan went ahead in January 2018 to shut down her social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, after quitting her blog in 2017. She took to the public to thank those who have followed her on her social media platforms over the years.

More details about the anticipated royal wedding were announced on February 10. The wedding ceremony was scheduled for 12 pm UK time and the new couple will ride in a carriage through Windsor Town. Later in the evening, Prince Charles will host a private party for the couple.

Embracing the crowd

It is fairly rare for members of the royal family to actually grant a handshake to members of the public. When Meghan interacts with the crowd she makes dreams come true and it’s not unusual to see her really embrace people.

In an incident early on after the royal engagement, Meghan leading American tourist actually kiss her on the cheek and how the little girl in the crowd. The girl from the crowd actually got interviewed and became somewhat famous for a short amount of time. Meghan actually spend a few moments with her advising her a bit on the process of acting and how she could become an actress one day herself.

It’s these types of interactions that make Meghan a very modern royal and someone that is supportive of the public just like Diana. It was never unusual to see Princess Diana embrace members of the crowd or even reach out in the face of social stigma. Just as Diana famously shook the hands of an AIDS patient, Meghan will continue to reach out and interact with members of the public to change the norm of royal protocol.

Talking to the media

With her experience as an actress talking to the media Meghan is someone that doesn’t regularly shy away from tough questions. Princess Diana is another person that was regularly interviewed by the media and she did not mince words especially with some of the most scandalous events in her life. Diana was interviewed shortly after her divorce from Prince Charles and this was considered to be a royal scandal.

Meghan showed no signs of holding back talking to Vanity Fair and other magazines openly about the wedding, Prince Harry and their romance. Many members of the royal family are quite private with the media. Meghan has had so much experience she wants to have her voice heard. She’s not one to shy away from an interview and she has been very open about the way that she has not changed as a result of her relationship and evolution into a royal.

These are quite entertaining interviews for people to read and the fact that Meghan remained so honest is a brush of fresh air that we haven’t seen since Diana.

Her style

Princess Diana was a true style icon and she always went her own way. Meghan is the exact same. It’s not unusual to see her in ripped jeans, to forego pantyhose or even where a loose binding out in public.

Many members of the royal family including Kate Middleton are always extremely prim and proper when it comes to their style. Meghan does word designer brands but she also has a number of fashions that regular people would wear out in public. If you think it might be unusual to see Kate Middleton or any member of the royal family with loose hair or other fashion faux pas this could soon be changing thanks to Meghan.

Princess Diana was also regularly photographed in fairly casual attire as well as astounding fashion looks. Her style influenced generations of women and it’s very likely that Meghan Markle with her own fashion sense will do the same.

Spending the holidays together out of wedlock

Meghan Markle has been one of the only people to spend Christmas with the royal family out of wedlock. This special consideration was actually made by Prince Charles and Meghan was allowed to go with the royal family to their holiday escape throughout the holidays.

Spending Christmas together with somebody out of wedlock is exactly what Princess Diana did after her divorce. Although they were not allowed to go to the royal event, there are some parallels here.

Modern romance was something that Meghan and Princess Diana really valued and although the relationships are very different, the idea of family and togetherness even without the bonds of marriage, is something that persists. Is very likely that Meghan will be spending future holidays with the royal family as well.

PDA between each other

Although PDA was fairly rare between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry often find it difficult to keep their hands off of each other. Princess Diana did have some history of PDA after she divorced Prince Charles. She was commonly photographed with other people on vacation and exhibiting a wide range of public displays of affection.

PDA is generally something that avoided in the royal family but Prince Harry really doesn’t seem to care. The PDA that is captured between the two of them is not something that is hidden one bit. They been seen holding hands quite regularly and they even kissed during their first public appearance in the year 2017. While many other members of the royal family often take efforts to hide public displays of affection, Meghan and Harry are a very natural couple.

The style of engagement ring

Meghan will quite literally be carrying a piece of Diana with her at all times. The engagement ring that Prince Harry picked out for her actually has diamonds that are picked straight from the jewelry collection of Princess Diana herself.

The style of the ring is very similar to something that Diana would wear and it features some lovely stones from her personal collection. The center stone is a diamond from Botswana that bears a special significance to Prince Harry and Meghan as it is one of their favorite places and an area where their love truly bloomed.

Signing autographs

Interacting with members of the public is one thing but signing autographs takes a whole new level of dedication and breaking royal protocol. Signing autographs is something that Princess Diana did on occasion and it’s now something that Meghan regularly does in public appearances.

It seems as though her time as a working actress consistently has her interacting with the public and doing things like signing autographs. It’s highly considered to be a breach of royal protocol to sign autographs like this, but both of these royals care that much about the perception of royal tradition.

Her forward political speeches

Diana was a person that did not regularly hold back when it came to her political beliefs. Speaking openly with the media and even televising some of her ideas, Diana was not a shy princess.

Meghan regularly gives speeches as part of her political and philanthropy work. She is very open about her political beliefs and this is somewhat refreshing when it comes to the Royal family. She is very forward with her political ideas and this comes partially from her experience in her political science background as well as her interviews as an actress.

Her forward political beliefs and her speeches really draw some big comparisons to Diana and more outspoken members of the royal family. It may be interesting to see if Meghan’s mindset changes and she has to be a little more private about her views on worldwide politics and more.

Will Meghan become Princess Diana’s version?

Despite Meghan’s lifestyle viz-a-viz issues regarding his previous failed marriage, she still emerged the favorite of the fifth-in-line to the British throne. At 36, she is getting married to Prince Harry who is 33. This and other interesting events made Meghan a headline and focus of many international dailies and magazines.