Prince Harry’s: extensive dating history

Prince Harry dating history

Prince Harry’s dating history:

We’ll try to uncover Prince Harry’s dating history in this article step by step. Stick to us for the secret! It took carry some time to find Meghan Markle and actually propose the idea of marriage. Although Prince Harry has been publicly linked to several women even over a few years, Meghan is the first woman that he’s been publicly engaged to and finally someone considered a suiting match to the prince. With all of the excitement surrounding the royal wedding in May, including two of Harry’s ex-girlfriend’s being invited, we wanted to revisit some of the past women that lead to Harry finding Meghan:

Prince Harry Dating with Natalie Pinkham: the TV presenter and Prince Harry have had a long-term friendship at one time they were said to be romantically linked. They have been fairly close over years even with Pinkham now married and professionally reporting as a sky sports F1 journalist.

Prince Harry Dating with Cassie Sumner: Sumner was someone consistently linked to Prince Harry during the time that he was exploring many nightclubs. Although the two of them were commonly seen out together it’s been reported that they only had a short fling that lasted just one or two nights. When Harry was 19 and she was 21 they met up at the Chinawhite nightclub and really hit it off.

Prince Harry Dating with Chelsy Davy: Davy is one of the ex-girlfriend’s that’s actually been invited to the royal wedding. The two dated on and off between the years of 2004 up to 2011. When interviewed by the media Davy suggested that the two would always be friends. This won’t even be her first royal wedding as she was Harry’s date to the William and Kate wedding in the year 2011. There is certainly a bit of a scandal with her attending the royal wedding but it seems as though the two will remain excellent friends.

Prince Harry Dating with Astrid Harbord: Kate Middleton‘s friend Harbord and Prince Harry were briefly linked in the year 2009 but were only seen out with each other a few times.

Prince Harry Dating with Caroline Flack: The X factor host was linked to Harry in the year 2009 as well after the two were set up by mutual friends. As soon as she started to get interviewed by the media and once they were appearing together they ended up calling it quits however. Flack Suggested that Prince Harry was a little bit rough and not someone that she saw a future with.

Prince Harry Dating with Camilla Romestrand: this Norwegian singer was linked to Harry after he was off again with Chelsea Davy in the year 2010. She stayed over the royal residence and even talked about her breakfast in bed with Harry to the media. The two have not been linked since.

Prince Harry Dating  History with Florence Brundenell: The actress and Prince Harry were actually dating in the year 2011. Harry chose to spend some time with her in her home in Notting Hill and they worked to keep their relationship a secret for some time. Although the relationship did not work out the two were in a secret love affair for at least a few months.

Prince Harry Dating  History with Cressida Bonas: Another ex that has been invited to the wedding, Cressida and Harry actually dated between 2012 and 2014 after their introduction by Princess Eugene. Bonas could not take the extensive public scrutiny of being with the Prince and she was the one that ended the relationship. The two remain great friends and this is likely why she received a wedding invite.

Prince Harry Dating  History with Mollie King: in year 2012 she was spotted out with Harry and later confirmed that the two are in a relationship. When the relationship broke to the public King decided to break things off and the two only dated over a short few months.

Prince Harry Dating  History with Ellie Goulding: although the two never had to face the media as an official item, they were definitely spotted kissing a few times and would regularly spend time together in the spring of 2016. Goulding and Harry were often spotted together at events like the Invictus games in the year 2014 and more. Dolding played the royal wedding in 2011 and has even been rumored to be a performer at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in May.

With all of this recent dating history considered, we finally make it to Meghan Markle. Her in the print started dating in the year 2016 quietly and released a public statement after a few months. It wasn’t until they went away on a week’s long African holiday that Markle was invited Pippa Middleton’s wedding and eventually to meet the queen. The engagement followed and the rest is history!