Samantha Grant: Meghan Markle’s Half-sister

Samantha Grant

Scott Rasmussen the ex-husband of Samantha Grant who is Meghan Markle half-sister suggested that many are warning Markle and Prince Harry not to let grant attend the Royal wedding set for May. Submit the grant was an ex-model who was never particularly close to Meghan Markle and consistently resented her for the life that she had.

Samantha Grant
Photo credit: DigitalMajority on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Both Terry and Megan have been warned consistently by the family and by royal officials not to invite her half-sister to the wedding. Megan has yet to comment whether or not an invite has been sent out. But Rasmussen is adamant that she should be the last person invited into Windsor Castle. He strongly considers that she may try to disrupt the royal wedding, will not be able to keep her mouth shut to the press and will be unable to keep her dignity throughout the ceremony. Through the intense resentment that she feels for Meghan Markle her bitterness may shine through and she would be one of the most likely candidates to disrupt the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It all stems back to when Meghan Markle’s career first started to take off. When the suits actress started to become extremely famous Samantha began to grow even bitterer. As Meghan’s career continued with success, Samantha’s was never quite able to take off.

Furthermore, Samantha is set to profit off of her half-sister’s success. The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister is a book that Samantha Grant is currently writing. Set for release quite soon the inner details of growing up with Megan and what it was like during the early stages of her career could make this a popular seller for an actress that has never quite lived up to her sisters fame.

All things considered, it will be very interesting to see if Samantha Grant gets an official invite to the upcoming royal wedding on May 19th.