The top 16 Prince Harry scandals: That embarrassed the royal family

The top 16 Prince Harry’s scandals that embarrassed the royal family Prince Harry

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are keeping some traditions alive, they are definitely going to be some modern royals. Rather than looking deep into soon-to-wed royals as a couple, it’s important to look back on Prince Harry’s scandals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are consistently in the news with the royal wedding. The two are definitely considered to be rebels with the royal protocol that they are breaking during the wedding. Particularly Prince Harry as he had a number of scandals that embarrased the British Royals.

Prince Harry has always been a royal that’s gone against the grain. From his military service to some of his riskier days partying in Las Vegas he is far from a typical royal.

We have reported many Prince Harry’s scandals in the media. Over the course of this article we are going to go back through 16 of the biggest Prince Harry scandals that broke in the media.

Although every member of the royal family has been in the public eye throughout their life, Prince Harry’s scandals have definitely earned his title as being a Rebel Royal.

Here is a countdown of some of the top 16 Prince Harry scandals over the years.

Prince Harry scandal 1: Published videos of him kissing a man

In 2009 a video was released of Prince Harry mouthing the words “I Love you” to a friend. After that he then took to kissing him and licking him on the face. This is generally not such an embarrassing video for the average person to have released. It is however fairly rare for royals to hug people in public let alone have their kisses caught on tape.

The video was one of the first of its kind of a royal family member engaging in this kind of behavior. The media ran with it for a number of weeks after the video was leaked. The overall reaction to the video wasn’t all negative press however.

Gay rights activists actually supported Prince Harry’s scandal for his comfort with his sexuality when the tape was leaked. It is by far some of the most liberal behavior that many royals have shown in the media for years.

It likely caused a backlash inside the palace walls for Prince Harry going out. The backlash at the palace didn’t really cause him to tone down his behaviour either.

Prince Harry scandal 2: Smoking marijuana

In the year 2002 Harry admitted that he had tried marijuana when he was only 17 at the time. That created other Prince Harry’s scandal as the media looked at Harry’s involvement with marijuana as a bad example for the youths.

After that, Prince Charles put Harry in a rehabilitation center to make sure that the behavior wouldn’t continue later on in life. And this action helped make sure make sure that other younger people than him would not imitate his behavior.

Harry was only in rehab for a few days. On his release the reaction was overall quite positive. The fact that a member of the royal family had gone into rehab showed that they were a little more normal.

The UK public appreciated that they had problems just like other citizens within England.

Prince Harry scandal 3: Lewd photos from Las Vegas in 2012

The Prince was vacationing in the year 2012 in Las Vegas. Harry had somewhat of a wild party in his hotel room. He expected the photos of that night would remain private, but one partygoer ended up selling the photos to TMZ. That was what a new Prince Harry scandal started, embarrassing the British royal family.

Prince Harry had been walking around nude. He was mostly covered with his hands and another naked person.

Those photos caused a backlash within the UK media. It turns out that the nudity was caused by a game of strip billiards that he had played in the hotel.

This was one of the rare times the Buckingham palace did release a statement on the nature of the photos. They suggested that Prince Harry was on holiday from his military duties. They also called upon British media not to print any of the photos further. It was too late.

Scandal 4: Prince Harry admitted he was never that interested in school

Royals are usually meant to strive towards the idea of achieving top marks for top honors at school. A number of royals have attended prestigious universities and generally received very high marks through their efforts in education.

He never had the goal of actually receiving high marks in school. He actually always admired some of the bad boys in the media instead. That was other Prince Harry’s scandal!

Prince Harry went on record with the school in South Africa. Telling some of the boys from troubled backgrounds that he never really enjoyed school at all. From there other Harry’s scandal began, then travelling back to UK.

Scandal 5: Prince Harry’s fight with a photographer

The paparazzi are constantly following the Royals and it can be quite difficult for them to avoid the public eye. Most of the royals and celebrities in the UK handle the paparazzi with some degree of decorum. But that was not the case with Prince Harry, causing a media scandal for him.

He was leaving a nightclub when a member of the paparazzi got too close. Supposedly the photographer’s camera hit him in the face causing Prince Harry to immediately lash out.

The photographer tells a different story in that the attack was unprovoked. Prince Harry was responsible for repeatedly punching the photographer with the photos to prove it.

This is one of the only incidents where Prince Harry was responsible for getting violent with photographers. And this is Prince Harry’s scandal where he could have easily found his way to jail.

Prince Harry scandal 6: Accused of cheating at Eton College

In the year 2005 while he was attending Eton College Prince Harry was accused of cheating. Prince Harry’s motivations never really focused on the idea of school.

The accusation of cheating on the part of the royal was not unfounded. Prince Harry had to get good grades to be a representative for the royal family. It was difficult for him to buckle down and focus on school however.

A teacher suggested that some of the other teachers were actually helping Prince Harry through his A level art class. The document pertaining to his cheating suggests that Harry was a particularly bad student in the subject. It also accused that members of the faculty had been submitting assignments for him to try and boost his grade.

The accusations of cheating even went so far as to say that a teacher came in during an examination. This staff member completed a piece of artwork for him so that he could get a better grade. Harry and any of the teachers involved in the cheating with him have denied the allegations completely.

We may never find out whether Prince Harry’s grades at Eaton College would be a complete fabrication or the truth. The fact is that was Prince Harry scandal during the time.

Prince Harry’s scandal 7: Animal rights at a polo match

Prince Harry also came under fire in 2010. During a polo match he continued to play while his horse was bleeding.

It seemed as though the Prince had spurred his horse to make it go faster during the match. This had caused the horse to bleed openly during the match. And that also caused other media scandal for him.

The spectators said that Harry had likely noticed that the horse had been injured but still continued to ride. He finished the duration of the event. A number of animal welfare groups came forward protesting the Prince. They did not agree with his decision to continue the event without caring for the horse.

Representatives for the Prince during the event deny that Harry had seen the horse bleeding.  They suggested as soon as he noticed the injury he stopped playing.

Prince Harry’s scandal 8: Wearing a German soldier costume on Halloween

The topic of the world wars can be a difficult one to cover throughout the UK. Usually, the royals dressing up for Halloween can be seen as somewhat of a rarity.

When they do choose to dress up it’s often with a fairly subtle costume that won’t risk offending anyone. Of course this is exactly the opposite of what Harry did in the year 2005. And this is exactly the Prince Harry scandal in that year.

While attending a friend’s costume party Harry put on a World War II German soldier uniform complete with a swastika. This would likely be an unpopular costume at any type of British Halloween celebrations.

As soon as the photos were taken at the Halloween party they started circulating throughout the UK media outlets. It wasn’t long before Prince Harry dressed as a German soldier was front-page news in the entertainment section, then leaking to all news sites.

The Prince released an official statement of an apology if he caused embarrassment or offense to anyone as a result of the costume. When Prince Harry goes out for Halloween or to a Halloween party today he has chosen much more sensible outfits for the future.

Scandal 9: Prince Harry using racial slurs in 2006

In a video of Prince Harry and several other soldiers in 2006 the group was waiting in an airport going to training. The public found Harry caught on record narrating over the scene. He made a comment about one of the soldiers waiting with them calling him “Our little Paki Friend”.

Later on in the video Prince Harry went on to use a selection of other racial slurs which were even more offensive.

In the video, the language was so well integrated into the narrative. And he did this so casually that it’s likely he didn’t even realize that he was doing something wrong.

As soon as the video began circulating through the media an outrage began. The family had to release another official apology for the video, hopefully fixing Prince Harry scandal.

He claimed that the use of the language was not meant to be intentionally malicious but that he apologized for using it. This evidence of using racial slurs and improper language is another incident on his record.

Prince Harry remains recognized as a rebel royal and someone that goes far against the grain of traditional royal language.

Prince Harry’s scandal 10: His nights on the town

There have been many photographs that have emerged of Prince Harry visibly drunk. There are also photos of him engaging in a number of shenanigans as a result of alcohol. There’s photographs of him in a bra and wig with drinking an elite gathering. These are another Prince Harry scandals involved with the drinking.

He’s even gone on record to say that he would frequently drink underage at 17. His drinking was another reason that the family had him sent to rehab at a young age. It’s common to see photos throughout his life in the media where he’s leaving a nightclub after drinking.

His photos from Vegas show just how intensely Prince Harry enjoys his leisure time. Others have suggested that his drinking gets him into trouble in other ways.

Drinking has caused him to regularly drunk dial Chelsy Davy throughout their relationship and even years beyond. With all of these drunken texts and late-night phone calls it’s a wonder that she is also invited to the royal wedding.

Prince Harry’s Scandal 11: His trouble leaving a club

In another instance of Prince Harry having some difficulty as he left the club in 2007, the paparazzi actually caught him falling over drunk. As he stumbled over the curb they took a very timely photo and he argued with the photographer to delete the photo.

This was a rather difficult situation for Harry and for the palace. As royals are not to appear out of control, the fact that he was falling over drunk was a very difficult subject for many people in the media and with the public.

Scandal 12: Prince Harry’s trouble in Croatia

In another instance where Prince Harry had a little bit too much fun happened in Croatia in the year 2011. He ended up using a ledge along a stone pool to dance along and this became a bit dangerous.

Prince Harry had been drinking for most of the festival and as he got up on the stone ledge he immediately flipped onto his back. There were photographers there to capture the entire thing and the Prince went right into the water. After picking himself up out of the pool he brushed off the incident and kept on dancing. Even though Prince Harry was soaking wet he didn’t seem to care.

The Croatian incident was one that did draw an apology. Even though Harry was not hurt in anyway his behavior while traveling was seen to be a bit disgraceful. Generally when royalty travels they need to remain fairly diplomatic and in control. This was far from the case of what happened in Croatia.

Scandal 13: The time Prince Harry snorted vodka

Prince Harry has already gone on record suggesting that he has tried several different types of drugs. He was very public about his marijuana use in his teens. One of the strangest videos that surfaced on Prince Harry throughout his life was from Namibia.

While he was spending time in Africa there were a number of photos and videos that were quick to make rounds on the Internet of Prince Harry actually snorting Vodka at a party. This type of party behavior was clearly so that the Prince could get very intoxicated and much faster. This is quite a strange incident and it definitely shows that Prince Harry was at one time a bit out of control in his partying ways.

Most of the videos and photos of this incident have been completely scrubbed online.

Scandal 14: The time Prince Harry was day drinking as a teen

It’s generally not seen as being super acceptable to drink early on in the morning especially if you are a young teenager. Prince Harry was never that subtle when it came to hiding some of his wild behavior as a teen. In year 2002 at a polo match there were paparazzi photos of Harry taken sitting on the back of a car with some drinks.

He was drinking a 40 ounce of malt liquor with some of the other people around at the polo match. Even though many of his friends were doing it, this was somewhat of a mistake for Harry who is considered to be an example for the British people. It was quite a rebellious day out in this was a photo that contributed to future difficulty for his image.

Prince Harry’s Scandal 15: PDA

Prince Harry has had quite an extensive dating history and his policies on PDA have never fallen in line with the media policy of the royal family. In year 2007 he was seen kissing his then girlfriend Chelsy Davy. It’s usually not within the policy of members of the royal family to kiss in public unless it is a wedding day or special occasion.

Making out with Chelsy Davy caused quite a stir in the media. It seems as though Prince Harry has not really changed his ideas on PDA either. For the most part he still continues to dote his affections on Meghan Markle in public. The only difference however is that it is a little more controlled. He has definitely learned from his time with Chelsy as the two were regularly photographed locking lips at everything from cricket matches all the way to concerts across the UK.  Rather than having difficult situations he has really controlled himself in the public eye now.

Prince Harry’s Scandal 16: Hangover

The bachelor party got a little bit out of control at Prince Williams wedding in 2011. It seems as though Prince Harry was out partying until 3 AM and just a few short hours later he was standing beside Prince William as his best man.

Prince Harry definitely looked a little bit tired and subdued during the royal wedding and this was partially because he was extremely hung over. The media seem to capture the way that his face changed throughout the day and it seemed as though Prince Harry was really struggling to keep his composure with his hangover.

As most royals are never meant to be seen out of control. The images that of been captured by the media over the years and these stories tell a different story.

Prince Harry’s scandals or mistakes, paint a much more human face on the royal family. It seems that Harry’s actions have significantly toned down over the years. He is seen much more at philanthropic causes rather than spending evenings at nightclubs these days.

As we can see, there have been a number of Prince Harry scandals that definitely contribute to him being a different type of royal. It’s no wonder his wedding is going to serve as a shakeup for the Royal family and its traditions.