What you don’t know about Prince Harry’s Honeymoon

Prince Harry

After the royal wedding no one knew where the Prince Harry honeymoon would be. It took just a few days before the whereabouts of the newest royal couple was delivered. Now that Harry and Megan are back, there are a number of details that you don’t know about Prince Harry’s honeymoon.

The couple have shared stories of the wonderful time that they’ve shared during their time being newly married. Although Meghan has not made an official public appearance since the honeymoon, Prince Harry has been back and is definitely in the spotlight.

The exact destinations that they went to are still being kept quite a secret by Buckingham palace. The couple is home however and they look in very high spirits. The stress of the wedding has passed and now they can enjoy their new life together.

Almost everyone thought that the Prince Harry honeymoon would take place in Nambia. With so many memories for the two of them made in Africa, it was a shock when they were discovered in Canada. Other speculative places for them to spend their honeymoon included areas like Mexico or even the Philippines. Instead, the couple booked into a hotel in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle travelled to Alberta Canada fresh from the wedding.

They stayed at the Outlook cabin which is a room which is a part of the Fairmount Jasper Lodge. Staying in the middle of Jasper national Park in a UNESCO world heritage site, the two would have access to limitless wilderness.

Information on the lodge:

As the principal residence for the Prince Harry honeymoon, The lodge sits on 700 acres of luxury mountain land. The lodge itself sits on the shores of Lac Beauvert. Also included alongside the lake is one of the most prestigious golf courses in Canada.

The lodge has an older history with a fur trade outpost first being on the site of Jasper house. When Jasper national Park was named a UNESCO world heritage site and one of North America’s largest protected natural areas, the Lodge became embedded as a symbol of Canadian tourism. Jasper national Park today where the lodge sits in compasses 11,288 km² of protected lands.

The original site of the Jasper Park Lodge was a tent city of larger camping tents along the lake. The area was renovated in 1921 into a larger And the main building was at one time the largest single-story log structure in the world.

During the 1920s, the golf course was also put in. The course was designed by architect Stanley Thompson and it remains one of the most famous in Canada. Since the inclusion of the golf course and the opening of the national Park, many people have come into the park to stay alongside the shore. The Outlook cabin was built specifically for the year 1939 for a visit of Queen Elizabeth and King George. The original Outlook cabin burned down in the year 2000 but was lovingly restored via the same blueprints for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

The area has been settled for over 100 years and Jasper Park Lodge has been in place officially since the year 1915.

Meghan and Prince Williams cabin has a luxurious 6000 ft.² and its enclosed within its own conservatory. The veranda outlooks  over the complex itself. There are six bedrooms in the suite as well as a very large terrace that can overlook the pool and the lake. The terrace area has complete seating for tens of people as well as an outdoor barbecue.

By booking the signature cabin, Prince Harry and Megan Markle would have had a private butler throughout their experience. The Outlook cabin is considered to be the royal retreat and the ultimate in luxurious accommodations.

They could have enjoyed the pool by day and even had some treats of fresh grilled fish from the lake!

If they were not in the mood to catch their own dinner, the lodge also boasts five different restaurants on-site. There is everything from local favorites and fresh caught fish to sushi, Northern Italian cuisine and more.

The activities that they could’ve enjoyed throughout the area included canoeing, horseback riding, hiking and more. The open area wilderness Park is one of Canada’s most protected areas. The trails are pristine and the area itself would be off-limits to most of the paparazzi.

Other additional experiences that the two could have had included white water rafting, walking along a nice field or even going on helicopter tours of the area. All of these experiences can be booked directly through the lodge.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of staying at this prestigious lodge, is that a regular room only costs around $383 American and night. You can have the same experience as Prince Harry’s honeymoon even on a budget!

The signature cabins start at around $949 per night with the royal retreat cabin being an unlisted room. Only specific guests are allotted to stay in this section of the hotel. It’s no wonder that it was opened for the Prince Harry honeymoon however.

Why they chose the lodge:

The reason the lodge was chosen for the Prince Harry honeymoon was that it is an official royal retreat. It has hosted Royals in the past including the Queen and Prince Philip in year 2005. King George and Queen Elizabeth also stated the lodge in the year 1939. The historical place within the royal family would be perfect for relaxing and removing stress from the wedding.

One of the biggest reasons that this was chosen for the Prince Harry honeymoon is its fairly remote location. It would be very difficult for the media to get in and the large couple suite is considered to be very private as well. The luxury spa, indoor heated swimming pool and hot tub are all included in room amenities. Megan Markle and Prince Harry likely would not have to come outside at all or risk discovery from the paparazzi.

It’s very likely that some time away from it all in such an expansive wilderness was exactly what the royal couple needed. This is the perfect place that they could stay out of the spotlight even for just a short amount of time.

The hotel’s statement:

There are only a few confirmations that the Prince Harry honeymoon took place at the Jasper lot. The representatives at the Fairmount Hotel chain released an interesting statement about the situation. They refused to comment any further on the guests staying with them for their safety and privacy. The Jasper Park Lodge does have a history of serving as a royal retreat but they could not produce a booking for Meghan or Harry staying with them.

Prince Harry has a brief pause with his honeymoon:

Prince Harry and Meghan have done a wonderful job of avoiding the spotlight over their honeymoon and staying away from work. They likely have obligations to their charitable organizations and more while they have been away. It seems as though, Harry definitely left prepared.

Right in the middle of the honeymoon, Prince Harry made an announcement that the next Invictus games would be taking place in The Hague in Netherlands for the year 2020. As the two made their first public appearance at the Toronto Invictus games, it is somewhat symbolic that Harry chose his honeymoon to reveal this information too.

The Prince Harry honeymoon did have to briefly get put on pause for him to make the announcement which he did over social media. The Kensington royal Instagram and twitter both sent out the message for the fifth Invictus games. Although it was just a short message it was likely one that Harry had to confirm while he was on holidays.

The Invictus games for this year are set for Sydney from October 20-27. This is a likely time that Prince Harry and Megan Markle will also be traveling. This is probably going to be one of their first international appearances as a couple. There is no word yet as to whether or not they will be touring through Australia during their time at the event.

Everything is back to normal:

Since the Prince Harry honeymoon, he has been back and has made appearances resuming his royal duties. At a charity gala on June 7 Prince Harry made an appearance without Megan to support a fundraiser for OnSide Youth Zones. This is a charity that they both support. Prince Harry gave a speech and was there throughout the entire event.

Meghan Markle is set to appear with Prince Harry on Saturday at Buckingham palace for an event. The trooping the color ceremony will be one of their first official event as married Royals.

Meghan is also slated to accompany Queen Elizabeth the second on a trip to Chester England. The two of them will be presenting a brand-new bridge, opening a theater and then enjoying lunch at the Chestertown Hall. This will be one of the first times that she’ll be writing the royal train with the Queen and this is an honor generally reserved for senior members of the royal family. Prince William has only been on the train once for his birthday and Kate Middleton or Prince Harry have never been on the train before.